My research focuses on group formation, particularly in the context of new venture teams. To answer questions about what factors impact group formation, I employ a variety of methods including archival data, field research, qualitative methods, and experimental designs.


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Other Work

Gray, S. M. “Knowledge diversity during new venture team formation” under review.

Gray, S. M., Boumgarden, P., Ranganathan, R., & Huang, L. “Newcomer attraction to hierarchical groups” under review

Gray, S. M., Sackett, E, & Howell, T. “Familiarity and new venture team formation.” under review

Gray, S. M., Milovac, M. Playing the Part: Why investors penalize female founders for holding certain C-suite titles.

Janardhanan, N., Zhang, Yuxin, & Gray, S. M. Loyal to Whom? Founding team entrepreneurial and professional identification, startup identity conflict, and ambidexterity.

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